Everyone Needs A Place Called Home


We often talk about the financial reasons why buying a home makes sense and this is a strong motivation for many.  When it comes to selecting a dream home it’s often times emotional reasons that compel buyers to make a decision about purchasing a particular property.  

History shows that Americans from every generation believe that homeownership is at the core of the American Dream.  There is a strong feeling of security you gain from owning a home which brings a sense of accomplishment that cannot be achieved through renting. 

For many Americans, owning a home conveys a number of economic benefits.  For one, your mortgage payments are a form of forced savings which allows you to accumulate wealth as you build equity in your property.  Later on in life you can tap into these finances.  For Americans approaching retirement age this is one of the greatest benefits achieved simply by paying you mortgage.  Whether you are a renter or a homeowner understand that you are paying a mortgage regardless, either yours or you landlord’s.  

If you are currently renting and considering renewing your lease, meet with a local real estate professional first so that they can help answer any questions you have about what your next steps should be and what is required in today’s market!

About Toni Kreusch

Toni Kreusch has a warm, friendly approach when working with people and is committed to providing quality customer service. She is conscientious and determined, putting the needs of her clients first. Her strong communication skills and attention to details has allowed her to achieve much success as a real estate agent. Toni stays informed about the latest economic trends in order to best understand the market and inform her clients. Kreusch earned a MA from New York University, studied German at the University of Trier in Germany, and has over 25 years experience teaching elementary school.  Her love for art was the inspiration to create and sell her watercolor paintings in an e-commerce business for many years.  Her knowledge and experience makes her background unique giving her much to offer as a real estate agent. “I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me and I strive every day to exceed their expectations.” said Kreusch. “I believe my passion for real estate along with my well-rounded background in business will help me assist my clients in achieving their real estate goals. I believe my academic credentials, multi- lingual and business experience will also be an added benefit.” Toni Kreusch speaks English and German. She is licensed in New York and New Jersey and can be reached at 845-283-2450 or TKreuschGT@gmail.com.