Housing Market Update

Our goal is to offer a simple, efficient way for home buyers, sellers, investors, and even sales agents to stay informed about what is happening in the Housing Market both locally and nationally. 

Each month the Green Team hosts a LIVE Housing Market Update (HMU) as well as prepare a written summary of the webinar.

The webinar provides a range of useful information starting with a look at national trends and stats. Then it zeros in on the local housing markets in Orange County NY, Sussex County NJ, and the surrounds areas.

But the conversation really begins when our industry experts share insights into the current financing environment as well as broader economic issues affecting the housing market. This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise.  

Reasons to become a Panelist

  • Brand Awareness
  • New Audiences
  • Demonstrate Your Services and Expertise
  • New Content to Share 
  • Generate Leads 
  • Perfect Your Craft
  • Grow Your Network 

Grow With Us – Become a Panelist

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