Why New Construction?

There are so many advantages to building your own home! Everything is brand new. Obviously, right? Buying resale home means checking the age and condition of the roof, the plumbing, the electrical system, the windows, the appliances…need I go on? When you build new, everything is new, so you don’t… Read More

An Agent’s Role In The New Construction Process

Beyond price negotiations and accompanying you on showings, an experienced agent can help you a lot when building a new home. S/he will be able to assist you in finding a real estate attorney in the area who can work through the contract process, explain your financing options and give… Read More

Green Construction Features

As the weather heats up, so does our energy use – the summer (and winter!) months always brings a rise in our energy bills and a decrease in our bank accounts. When you’re looking to buy a home – or having a new home built for you! – there are… Read More