The Jolly Onion Will Open Soon!

As word has begun to spread, it is time to formally share the good news and confirm the true facts about the status of The Jolly Onion in Pine Island, NY.

After years of vacancy, I am thrilled to announce that,Yes! The Jolly Onion will open soon, at last!

What is going in there & what kind of food will there be?  The new operators are aiming to go back to the roots of the future in opening the restaurant which will be called….(of course) The Jolly Onion.  Menu selections will be varied and range from Mid European Cuisine with Dutch, Polish & German influences. You can also expect to see items with a twist of French & Northern Italian flavors.  The menu is under design right now and, the bar / lounge will be interactive and feature its own bar menu which will include tapas style items.  The intent is to stay local with craft beer and wines.  

Who is opening The Jolly Onion?  Warwick resident, Tom Mastrantoni from Roccoroma (, will head his Jolly Onion Team which includes Chef Armand Vanderstigchel, author of Adirondack Cuisine, Wings Across America, and Adirondack Cookbook. For more information on Chef Armand visit

Are they renovating the whole building?  To the contrary of what many people believe or have heard, the Jolly was never destroyed.  Yes, it has been vacant for years and certainly could use some cosmetic love, but Tom and his team of Jolly Onions are excited to take the project on. They have begun working with NYC interior designer Morgan Wendelborn who plans to enhance the existing character of the building with use of natural materials and earth tones.  The floor plan will remain very similar to what has been there all these years.  The intent is to bring the space into the 21st century while still maintainingthe character and charm that have existed for decades.

When is it Opening? The short answer is ASAP!  But realistically it is looking like doors will open before year’s end.  There are many steps to opening a business of this magnitude and it is inherent that things are done right.  Look forward to seeing work begin in the coming weeks.  For updates on the progress at The Jolly Onion, follow them on Facebook at The Jolly Onion.